Ram Briksh Benipuri Mahila College, Muzaffarpur

( A Constituent Unit of BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur )

Vision & Mission


NGP Vision


  • “To empower the young women through quality education and to transform them into independent, employable human resource, achieving academic brilliance and play a positive and meaningful role in nation building.”


  • To create a vibrant culture of academics and extracurricular activities which together make girls into self- confident, self- reliant, self- sufficient, responsible and capable individuals.
  • To change the way people think to encourage students to break free of constricted modes of thinking, so that they can respond to new opportunities and challenges without limitations.
  • To provide a market oriented professional education to the students with a view to serving the cause of higher education.
  • To nurture young leaders who are not only thorough professionals but good human beings with values.
  • To stimulate both the hearts and minds of students
  • To empower them to contribute to the welfare of the society.
  • To train them to adopt themselves to the changing needs of the economy and advocate them for cultural leadership
  • To ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all.